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lfest 0.0.2 Is Released

New Version of lfest Available

lfest 0.0.2 includes the addition of text-only responses in addition to the already-supported HTML and JSON responses. This addition was made in order to more readily support LFE web app developers writing for services such as Google App Engine that expect apps to implement particular resource endpoints (e.g., /_ah/health) which return plain-text responses.

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Duncan McGreggor | December 8, 2014 | Tags : releases libraries

Running LFE in Docker

LFE Community is working on growing support for Docker

Update: This post has been updated to account for the recenrt changes in the newly published lfex/lfe Docker images. The examples given below in this post will no longer work as written … original post follows:

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Duncan McGreggor | December 7, 2014 | Tags : docker paas howtos web apps ops lfest exemplar boot2docker

Usability Update: IErlang Notebook (a la IPython)

Updated project source for IErlang makes it easier to use

Back in April, the Erlang community was stunned to hear that we had been given an answer to IPython, IHaskell, and IJulia – IErlang. However, as Robbie noted in the list of outstanding issues at the end of the IErlang demo notebook, not a lot of time had been set aside to develop a more standard project structure. Furthermore, the setup and installation of IErlang to get to the point where you could try it out was a rather arduous process. All of that has now changed …

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Duncan McGreggor | December 6, 2014 | Tags : erlang tools web shells

ErlPort and Python Part II: Making More Calls from LFE

Part II of an Introduction to ErlPort with LFE

A short while ago, I did a teaser post about calling Python from LFE. There was only a tiny bit of code… but! It came with one of the best Erlang/Python pictures EVAR. You know which one I'm talking about.

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Duncan McGreggor | December 3, 2014 | Tags : howtos docs erlport python interop lfe code libraries lisp python 3 tools tutorials

Community Generated Content

Readers, submit your PRs for blog posts!

As was just mentioned on the Lisp Flavoured Erlang mail list, this blog is explicitly powered by users from the community sharing their stories, ideas, tutorials, manifestos, sonnets, and novellas about LFE and, in fact, any Lisp running on the Erlang VM.

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Duncan McGreggor | December 3, 2014 | Tags : blog community

ErlPort: Using Python from Erlang/LFE

A Quick Introduction to ErlPort via LFE

This post was originally featured on cogitat.io and is being reblogged here as an experiment. This repost is an adventure into GitHub pages as a blogging platform for code-heavy posts. For year, I have found Google's blogger.com cumbersome as a medium for sharing code. The burden has finally grown too great. It makes sense to use the same platform to share the prose description of code as that which shares the code itself (i.e., repositories and README files). I can only imagine this will be much less painful than creating gist code snippets and tweaking them in blogger. As a bonus, code should now appear in RSS/Atom feeds :-)

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Duncan McGreggor | November 21, 2014 | Tags : howtos docs erlport python interop lfe code ports jinterface clojure java libraries lisp python 3 tools reblog quick-starts

lfetool v1.2 Is Out!

Notes on the latest interim release of lfetool

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Duncan McGreggor | August 31, 2014 | Tags : releases updates

Erlang @ OSCON 2014

Updates from the conference ground zero

Even though there's no Erlang-specific booth (or a booth by an Erlang company), the Erlang OSCON presence has been palpable, albeit in a small-town, gentle way.

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Duncan McGreggor | July 23, 2014 | Tags : conferences social portland oregon community

LFE Language Summit Review

A report on how the first LFE language 'summit' went

Erlang Factory was very kind to assist Robert Virding in setting up the first "language summit" for LFE here at Erlang User Conference in Stockholm. (We use the term "summit" playfully, since it's a very unofficial affair within a small developer community.)

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Duncan McGreggor | June 10, 2014 | Tags : conferences euc summits updates language

The Secret History of LFE

A post to the mail list too good to just keep there :-)

When asked recently about the history of LFE on the LFE mail list, Robert replied with some nice information that we couldn't resist highlighting/duplicating here:

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Duncan McGreggor | May 28, 2014 | Tags : history discussion