The LFE community's latest T-shirt bonanza is drawing to a close, the conclusion of which will result in the perfect summer-wear for the discerning hacker. This is a fun little post that shares a bit of the T-shirt's unboxing :-)

As posted here, we had been working on getting community members signed up for the next T-shirt (this is actually the first full LFE T-shirt; the T-shirt we did last year was for lfetool). This one was much trickier, as there were more colors to be screen printed. I ended up working with CustomInk on several iterations in order to get the color count down while still having a good looking logo.

In my excitement of the shipment arriving, I'd forgotten to document the whole process and cut open the box before remembering to take pictures :-) We had 67 T-shirts ordered in this batch; it was quite amazing to see so much LFE in physical, manifested reality! A box full of soft, silky-smooth American Apparel LFEness … mmmm.

Even before checking the manifest and ensuring that the counts were correct, I went looking for my two shirts! These were quickly found and even more quickly donned. Not too far behind came the unboxing selfies (I had to get some help for the back-shot, though …) As you can see, the darker red of the lambda got lost in the brown of the T-shirt. Perhaps this grants the wearer of this T-shirt entry into the Society of the Secret Lambda …

Grin firmly in place, I proceeded to sort by size, check the spreadsheet, and label each person's order. I also managed to get the international orders packed up with their customs forms filled out and ready to go. After this last picture was taken, the domestic shipments also went out. A few days ago we started getting tweets from folks whose T-shirts are already arriving!

This batch was a lot of work, so I hope folks enjoy their LFE T-shirts for while before working up an appetite for another … :-)



23 May 2015