While the three years since the last blog post might have flown by, and it may not seem like much is going on in LFE land, there has been :-) There have been on-going discussions in Github tickets as well as some chatter on the mail list, but there has also been some quiet hacking going on in the project itself.

  • 246 commits were made to the main LFE development branch (177 in the remainder of 2016, 57 in 2017, 11 in 2018, and 1 in 2019)
  • Robert's been giving lots of thought to an LFE based upon Erlang's AST instead of Core Erlang (see the erlang-ast branch)
  • Two core library modules have been added to LFE (and written in LFE, not Erlang!): Common Lisp and Clojure compatibility libraries
  • The Github project has gotten a refresher with new tags (including status) and updates, new questions answered
  • There are also several new pull requests that have been opened with about 40 new commits for 2019
  • The LFE Dockerfiles have been updated to be based upon the official Erlang Docker images
  • The LFE blog repo has received a significant update that makes it easier for new posts to be created

Lots of spicey goodness, and maybe even some stuff that will end up as some more new blog posts for 2019 ;-)

Stay tuned …



13 May 2019