We've just pushed out the latest version of lfetool in the v1.x series. This was done as a result of several bug reports and conversations made on IRC (#erlang-lisp, Freenode).

You can get the latest here:

The LFE Quick Start has also been updated so that newcomers start off right with the latest stable release of lfetool :-)

The issues addressed in the 1.2 release can be found here:

Most of the bug reports actually boiled down to issues with conflicting versions of dependency libraries in project rebar.config files. There was a recent switch to lutil (away from lfe-utils) and ltest (away from lfeunit and lunit), and older versions of lfetool couldn't handle these. Also, some changes made to lfeutils and or lfeunit just prior to the switch caused some cyclic dependencies in rebar.

Do keep in mind that there's a lot of work going into the v2 rewrite of lfetool (code is being converted from Bash to LFE), and this release isn't a distraction from this effort, but rather an attempt at an improved user experience for current users :-)



31 August 2014